Paul’s Upcoming Gigs

Greetings to all our fans around the world. It has been a tough time for everybody . It now appears that we are finally winning the war against this dreadful virus. As always, we really appreciate all of your support over the years & are looking forward to be performing our music live, as soon as possible.

December 2021
16th (Thurs) @The Rec Rooms , Horsham RH12 1AH , U.K (more info)  

19th (Sun)**Acoustic Duo act @The Honor Oak , Forest Hill, London SE23 1RH, 0208 690 9222 (more info) show time 13.45


January 2022

23rd (Sun) ** Paul Lamb solo guest of Big Joe Louis @The Blues Kitchen ,Shoreditch , London EC24 3AR , U.K.

June 2022

3rd (Fri)**Acoustic Duo act@ “Music on Board the Lightship” @The Royal Northumberland Yacht Club , Blyth NE24 3PB ,Northumberland. U.K.

4th (Sat)**Acoustic Duo act@ Into the Fields Festival, Blyth , Northumberland

17th (Fri) The Astor Theatre, Stanhope Road, Deal CT14 6AB, U.K.

July 2022

17th (Sun) Acoustic duo @Upton Blues Festival , Church Street,  Worcester WR8 0HX , U.K. (show time 6pm)

August 2022

6th (Sat) ***Paul Lamb solo, private show

22nd (Sat) @TheVintage Festival, Twinwood, Bedfordshire MK41 6AB ,U.K. (more info

September 2022

15th (Thurs)@”Blues First”,Veranstaltungsforum Fürstenfeld ,  82256 Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany.    (more info)

17th (Sat)  @ Adler Hohenstein-Meidelstetten ,Germany

19th (Mon) @Rockhouse, 5020 Salzburg , Austria  (more info)  

October 2022

**5th Oct to 9th Oct Paul special guest with the Roosevelt Houserockers Austria T.B.C.

31 thoughts on “Paul’s Upcoming Gigs

  1. Hi Paul, great to see you touring again, hope all is good with you & band.
    Just got back to Scotland from epic 5,000 mile USA road trip, Chicago, South Illinois, Memphis,Texas Arkansas Oklahoma + umpteen states… Route 66, Grand Canyon , Monument Valley, back to S Illinois via Kansas City ( here I come!) where we saw some terrific blues bands, and I kept thinking ” Paul Lamb & The Kingsnakes would blow this joint apart”, and I told plenty American folks about that too… PL&TKS had some free stateside PR.
    If you ever get back to USA , try a gig at KNUCKLEHEADS in Kansas City KS…..right beside railroad tracks and them big trains blast their whistles as the bands play, like giant rolling steel blues harps!!
    Bet you could chord right with them too Paul. Never saw anybody play better than youse guys .

    All the best, Geoff Proven.

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    1. Hi Paul, great seeing you and the band yesterday, fantastic as always. Enjoyed the chat after. You got a few new fans. Hope to see you again at the Hideaway in June, All the best. Micky Mojo


  2. Hi Paul et al, me and my brother will be at the gig in the backstage in Kinross next Sunday 22nd. Can’t wait.
    Mickey Mojo


  3. Hi Paul. I have looked at the website but you are not listed on 10 Aug (10th (Fri) @ The New Crawdaddy Blues Club , Holiday Inn, Waterfront Walk, SS14 3DG Basildon, Essex , Tel 01702347007).


      1. It could be ok by now. Mark and I will be there and have booked in to stay at the Holiday Inn. See you then !! x


  4. Hi guys, thanks for the bluesy evening in ” Windlicht” last saturday…..great performance…..
    Thanks a lot and many greetings from Minden


  5. Hey hope you guys are all well haven’t caught up for a while been following the band since the colne blues fest 1990s gig that was so good it made me want more ! just seems like yesterday really each time I hear the band it Just gets better .
    The harp just cuts the mustard for me hoping to see you soon.
    Best regards
    Rosco and Harry


      1. Hallo Paul, see you in October in Hannover! Michael schrieb am Sa., 9. März 2019, 01:05:

        > Paul Lamb Music commented: “Thanks Rosco & Harry ..hope to catch up with > you guys some where on the road !” >


  6. I I’ve just discovered you after a guy came to a gig of ours (I play blues harp for them) and he nearly choked when I admit it I’d never heard your music! So keen to make amends I logged onto the Internet check you out I instantly bought two CDs which I love.

    Just one question,Do you ever play the Midlands?

    Andy of Brum


  7. Last night we went to see yous in the “Rockjungfer” in Arnstadt, Germany. Always looking for events where good blues is played, I found your gig there. Although it is quite a long drive to Arnstadt, I really wanted to see yous. And that’s what we got: Lads, it was one of the best bluesgigs I’ve ever seen. It was magic. Everything was great. The atmosphere, the ambience, your great interaction and finally UDO made the evening a great experience. That’s blues. Thank you lads. I’m looking forward to next time.

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  8. Hi Paul! Hope your Christmas season is going great – lots of brilliant venues listed for December! I’m trying to book tickets for my dad, Mickey Mojo, for Sunday 19th April at the Hideaway but their site doesn’t have it listed. When do you reckon it will be available to book?


  9. Still remember your gigs in Hong Kong in the Jazz
    Club and in Grappa’s Cellar. Both venues don’t exist anymore unfortunately, but we still got a couple of live music places. Hope to see you and your band one day in Hong Kong again.
    Chris Dreyer


    1. Hi Chris, yes I have many happy memories of Hong Kong & Indonesia . Would love to be back over there but our agent went back to Australia & so no contacts for the club scene. all the best Paul


  10. Hey doing some amazing things I need to try and catch a gig sometime I’m getting withdrawals from the blues been getting funky ,for a while hope you guys are all good best regards to you all Rosco and Harry


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